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So just what makes an innovative company grow?

It sounds simple – have managers who are motivated and prepared to learn new skills, a business that is flexible and can change its market approach and a company with real openness to market and good relationships with customers, and suppliers! Over 71% of owners, recently polled in a survey of small businesses by the NDI project in both France and the UK highlighted that collaboration with customers was a key route to innovation. They also found working with other business owners hugely useful (57%) and their suppliers also supported new innovation.
For innovative companies, over 60% felt that innovating helped them maintain or increase their turnover and being seen as an innovator enhanced the reputation of their business and increased customer satisfaction.

But it is not all easy. For both French and English companies lack of financial resources was seen as a big barrier by more than 65% of companies questioned, along with a lack of skills.

The good news – of those companies who currently innovate over 60% of them already have another innovative project waiting to start.

The complete NDI study and the short business report are available here:

English version: NDI study
French version: Etude NDI

NDI (New Deal for Innovation) is an INTERREG IVA  funded programme co-financed by ERDF.

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