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NDI survey report

Innovation in small companies

The New Deal for Innovation project survey report provides valuable insight into the process of innovation in small companies. Based on the responses of nearly 500 micros and small companies in the UK and France, the survey profiles a "typical" entrepreneur and how they innovate.

The majority of innovating entrepreneurs were men (71,2%) and had started up their own business rather than buying into an existing company. They were often older, had received higher education and had gained on average 10-years experience in their sector before setting out on their own. Innovative entrepreneurs valued personal advice from peers or specialists and all saw benefits in networking with like-minded people. Whilst UK businesses had a higher drive to trade outside their country the majority of sales still came from the local region, building on personal relationships.

Innovation for small companies remains driven primarily by incremental process changes through the adaptation of existing products and services. UK firms are also most likely to engage in market-oriented innovation, while the French firms are more likely to innovate in terms of organisational structure. And for those that don't innovate.... the most common reason was that they didn't need to and that there was no customer demand for change.

The report provides invaluable insight for small companies, policy makers and business support organisations.

English version: NDI survey report
French version: Rapport d'enquête NDI

NDI (New Deal for Innovation) is an INTERREG IVA  funded programme co-financed by ERDF.


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