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La Chambre de Métiers et de l'Artisanat de Région de Basse-Normandie - CMAR-BN (Lower-Normandy Chamber of Trades and Crafts)

CMAR-BN is a public organisation, which is run by elected professionals in the craft industry. Its role is to represent crafts businesses to public authorities, but also to support local crafts businesses in their business development.

The Pôle ATEN (Crafts and Digital Technology Hub)

The Pôle ATEN is a division of CMAR-BN, and was accredited as a ‘National Innovation Hub’ in 2006. Its main mission is to support artisans in their innovative projects through the use of digital technology. The Pôle ATEN regularly organises meetings on technology that is especially relevant for artisans. It also creates tools to promote innovation in the craft industry.

Participation in the "New Deal for Innovation" project

Through the Pôle ATEN, CMAR-BN is the lead partner of the NDI project. It leans on the hub’s internal expertise on competitive intelligence, innovation management, intellectual property, research and communication. The Pôle ATEN offers its own skills and expertise in innovative business support and the creation or adaptation of collaborative digital tools.

www.cmar-bn.fr  / www.pole-aten.fr / + 33 (0)2 31 95 92 92


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